Where it all began

Are an alternative indie Rock band from the Northeast, they were formed in mid-2012 and were brought together by a mutual respect for the same genres of music, Atmospheric/Epic/ Indie Soundscapes, influenced by such bands as Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, The Editors & Explosions In The Sky, Abel Raise The Cain aspire to create & mould their own sound to reach people in the same way.

They spend their time, creating wall of sound, Euphoric, indie rock/pop songs, the first two of which were released on December 15th 2012 to widespread critical acclaim as part of a double “A” sided single named “Too Late -The Promise”. Both singles have received repeated airplay on radio stations across the U.K, including regular plays on BBC Introducing and “Too Late” has been play listed on Brazilian National Radio & featured by channel 4 on A prime time television program.

This was then followed up with standalone single ‘Waiting’ which took the rule book and ripped it up coming in at over 6 mins, the song another epic builder was still supported by BBC Introducing despite its length, the song was well received across the board and whetted the appetite of many for the possibility of an album.

This was followed by the release of a new single ‘Black Swans’ which was later to form the first building blocks of a full album,  the release of ‘Black Swans’ gained widespread critical acclaim and went straight to the top of the beat 100 world chart and later lead to the band receiving the coveted  ‘Outstanding Artists Award’ the band were working on a long awaited and much anticipated E.P at this stage which later grew into a full length album.

The second single taken from the forthcoming album was called ‘Every Rise’ an unusually upbeat production for the band the single was released in NOV 2016, the song was picked up by BBC Introducing and chosen as their track of the week and later chosen as one of the best tracks of 2016 on the BBC Introducing best of 2016 Christmas list.

For Strangers Only

Work was finally completed on the bands first album in early 2017 the album was to be called ‘For Strangers Only’ with a release date of 31/03/2017, the news came as music to the ears of many who had long requested a full LP following the success of the singles, the album contains 8 songs in total –

  1. Awakening
  2. One Thing
  3. We’ll Never Know
  4. Black Swans
  5. Darkside Of The Street
  6. Million Dollar Night
  7. Hideaway
  8. Every Rise

It is a mix of atmospheric, euphoric building songs, which ebb and flow from one to another never stopping to take a breath,  cinematic soundscapes, which encompass Orchestras, lap steel, brass sections post rock and the voices of Dead Presidents, Revolutionary movement leaders and mixed up youth.

The album is available to buy from all of the usual sources iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Play and this website.

Press and Opinion

‘Opening with theatrical strings and culminating in a riot of instrumentation and soaring vocals it’s a seamless release’

– Narc Magazine

‘The album sweeps across the senses with a melodic breeze, each track an insight to emotion soaked lives and familiar situations.’

– Ringmaster Magazine

‘For Strangers Only is more than just a collection of songs, it is a musical experience – a relentless sensory overload that may appear chaotic on the surface but, in reality, is imbued with a magnificent depth that cries out for repeated listens.’

 Musical Moron

‘What takes this into far more interesting musical realms is their blending of drifting ambience and smoky resonance’ ‘Abel Raise The Cain prove to be the most skillful of sonic architects.’

 Dancing In The Architecture

‘Even closer to home are Abel Raise The Cain and they seize their moment in the sun. A powerful atmospheric performance reveals clear and present signs of life on the Teesside music scene.’
– Gods in the TV zine on Stockton Weekender