For Strangers Only, The New Album , Out Now

Two Years of ups and downs, stops and starts but the day has finally arrived, our first ever album ‘For Strangers Only’ is now available from all good stores, recorded on and off in our home studio over the last 2 years it contains 8 songs with mixing by Patrick Jordan and mastering by the legendary Pete Maher who has worked with the likes of the PIXIES, U2, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, The Killers, Jack White & Noel Gallagher, we have worked to bring you a 41 min slice of none stop music 8 songs glued together by the sounds of Dead Presidents, Revolutionary movement leaders and mixed up youth.

THE WAIT IS OVER, you can buy or stream from the following (Album is a Gapless playback so turn off the shuffle)

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One Thing
We’ll Never Know
Black Swans
Dark Side Of The Street
Million Dollar Night
Every Rise

‘Opening with theatrical strings and culminating in a riot of instrumentation and soaring vocals it’s a seamless release’ NARC. Magazine

‘The album sweeps across the senses with a melodic breeze, each track an insight to emotion soaked lives and familiar situations.’ Ringmaster

‘For Strangers Only is more than just a collection of songs, it is a musical experience – a relentless sensory overload that may appear chaotic on the surface but, in reality, is imbued with a magnificent depth that cries out for repeated listens.’ Musical Moron

‘For Strangers Only stirs, lifts and bewitches in equal measure, clever pop melodies burst into life, whilst intoxicating strings collide with shards of guitar to form mesmeric soundscapes, all topped with addictive, thought provoking vocals that urge the listener on’.- RHYTHM & BOOZE

‘What takes this into far more interesting musical realms is their blending of drifting ambience and smoky resonance’ ‘Abel Raise The Cain prove to be the most skillful of sonic architects.’ – DANCING IN THE ARCHITECTURE

‘This is a record that after multiple plays, I loved even more. I even found myself at one point after the record ended, continuing to hum “Dark Side Of The Street” a song I hope the band is considering for a future single release because i think it could be a top 10 hit’. – ALL MAGAZINE

‘Abel Raise The Cain successfully include sweeping musical arrangements along with a keen ear for a melody’ – GET READY TO ROCK

‘With their debut LP, “For Strangers Only” Abel Raise The Cain delivers on the promise of their prior singles, I found myself thinking that the flow of the album, from the previously mentioned “Dark Side Of The Street” was so incredibly perfect, that some brave radio station should play those 4 songs in order one day’ – JOO MAGAZINE

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